cupcake6557 (cupcake6557) wrote in pbruins,

Pbruins VS. Phantoms

The first period was going great. Both teams were skating really hard. No score.

The second period the Bruins scored twice. THen, the bruins net came off while the Phantoms scored- the refs still counted the point. Hannu got pissed. He threw stuff and was about to charge the ref. THe game for the b's went downhill from there. By the end of the second there were a few fights and the game was tied 2-2

The third period went by really fast but, wasnt too good eiher. Once again, the period ended tied but, 3-3

OT! We were doing pretty well untill we tried to change lines while the puck was still in oUR zone! Patrice had the puck and passed it back to... * i dont remmeber*, *i dont remember* skated right by the puck not realizing that Patrice passed it back. The Phantom took the puck along the sid eof the boards with just him and Hannu there. He shot, BAM, GOAL, game over.....


I took some pictures so one I get them developed I should have them up here.

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